The Saban Factory. Product: Champions

“Welcome to the Saban Factory, where young men become champions, where players become professionals and where assistants become head coaches.” This phrase should be pitched by some of Alabama’s recruiters when they have high school prospects coming into town. For all we know Saban may have already tried that pitch, since he is known as a recruiter that has no boundaries.

Truth be told the University of Alabama’s football program is run like a factory and much like a successful factory it has a successful product, champions. One can look at the practices, the players meetings, the strength program, the recruiting pitches, the coaches meetings and many other finely run programs and realize that all are ran very well to reach its fullest function and ability, much like a factory. Since Saban’s arrival he has produced a National Championship, a SEC Championship, several top recruiting classes, a Heisman Trophy Winner, several future first round picks and he has officially brought the University Alabama back to the forefront of being a college football powerhouse.

When Saban took stand at the podium on his first day as head football coach of the Crimson Tide, he said that it was all about the process. Little did the rest of the world know that the process would be so successful. Though a look back at Saban’s past and one can see that he has nothing, but success at all previous stops; he has even produced several head coaches, including Muschamp and Jimbo Fisher. The process did take time at Alabama; his first year the Tide produced a measely 7-6 season, mainly because the leaders on the team had not bought into the process of the factory. The next season the Tide posted a perfect regular season, but flopped in the SEC championship and bowl game, the process was still a work in progress. Then in 2009 the factory was in full swing as it’s product came out: Champions. This last season the tide struggled to find itself within the progress, but do not worry because any factory (I mean program) ran by Nick Saban, will rebound and distribute its product, champions.

Much like a person who is head of a major company, Saban takes on a lot of criticism of his process, but he answers doubters and naysayers with a product that has worth. He is producing young men with talent and ability to succeed on and off the field. If one were to take a look at Alabama’s graduation rate amongst its football program they could see that the rate has drastically improved since his arrival. Basically, Saban’s process works in all areas and the thing is… he knows it and we should  all begin to know it.

People can come up with nicknames or criticisms of Nick Saban, but the fact is… he builds CHAMPIONS.

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Clowney’s Impact in Columbia

The Gamecocks see Clowney as their FUTURE

We have all heard of the super-hyped super-recruit named Jadeveon Clowney. Due to ESPN and other recruiting sites we have all analyzed his statistics and abilities, but now we will analyze his impact for the Gamecocks.

This 6’6 240 18 year old has the talent and ability to become a star in the NFL and take a college team’s defense to a completely different level. I know you are probably telling yourself, “He’s just an overhyped teenager who will be a bust when it comes game time.” I disagree and here is why. He already has the intangibles in size and natural speed and he will only get stronger in a college program. Unlike other overhyped recruits in the past; Clowney has played the top competition within his class. He played the top competition in SC high school football, and he played in the top high school allstar game, which is the Underarmor Game. The week of the UnderArmor game, Clowney impressed scouts all week with his skills and overall ability to overmatch who ever he faced. At that game he did not face your average high school lineman; he faced future all american lineman and he dominated. The only thing that will limit this young man will be himself, whether it is with his academics or work ethic. We know he has struggled with his academics, but we also know that this is a mature young man who has the drive for success.

Clowney’s impact will mean wonders for the University of South Carolina. It shows the world that the Gamecocks mean business when it comes to continue to compete for the Eastern Division in the SEC. It shows other recruits in the state of SC that there really is a future in Columbia and you don’t have to go out of state for success (AJ Green). Clowney’s signing also means that Spurrier will be around at least another 3 years, because who would want to retire when you have a young monster with unlimited potential busting into the backfield every time the ball is snapped?

There are all of the doubters who believe this young man is a bust or think he will fade away after he gets an injury, but I think we should all take note and see what this young man can do and hope our team gets a recruit just like him.

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Jadeveon Clowney Chooses Game Cocks

Jadeveon Clowney announced on ESPN Sports Center this morning that we he will be going to the University of South Carolina. The fans of Alabama and Clemson will be let down, but the Gamecocks seem to be as happy as they were when they upset Bama last season.

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SEC’s Top NFL Draft Prospects

  1. Nick Fairely- He really improved his draft stock this past season by exploding onto the national scene as a strong pass rusher with versatility and strength. He will definitely be a top 5 if not top 3 pick.
  2. Patrick Peterson- This Bayou Bengal is the top overall athlete coming out in this years draft. He is an excellent cover corner, that possesses great ball skills with the ability to return in pick for a touchdown. Don’t forget his amazing return skills.
  3. Marcell Dareus- All Dareus did this season was continue to solidify his place as a top 10 pick in the draft. He has great size, great strength and great potential. He would fit perfect in the DE position in the 3-4 which he played in at Bama.
  4. AJ Green- This All American Bulldog is the top WR in this year’s draft and will make any team happy that lucks up with him in the draft. He has great speed for deep balls, he is a good route runner and has excellent hands.
  5. Julio Jones- Both Green have been in the top of their positions ever since they were both coming out of high school, except Julio had the nod for the top position there. Jones has really improved his route running, he’s an excellent run blocker, he has great strength, great speed and seemed to progress as a pass catcher as the season progressed. The only thing that may hurt Julio’s draft stock is that he has durability issues.
  6. Cam Newton- I could easily see Newton going in the top 10 draft picks by the way his draft workouts seem to be going. Newton has extreme talent and extreme upside, but there are just so many questions about his character that could potentially hurt his stock.
  7. Mark Ingram- This Saban product is the top of a shallow RB class. Ingram has excellent vision through the holes, he has game breaking speed and is so hard to tackle. Many people compare him to none other than the great Emmitt Smith.
  8. Mike Pouncey- Early in the season Pouncey struggled in the switch to Center, but after he got the hang of it he really improved and solidified his place a one of the most versatile linemen in the draft. He has great football IQ, size and strength. Look for him to be picked in the latter half of the first round.
  9. Ryan Mallet- The Razorback fans are excited to see where this talent could end up in the draft. He has a huge arm and great size, but he does have some questions about his mobility within the pocket, along with leadership issues at the end of games.
  10. Randall Cobb- This prospect may surprise many, but as the draft gets closer and closer, the scouts continue to be impressed more and more by his films. He does not have the greatest size, but he does have speed and great hands. He could end up being a Santonio Holmes style of player.
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The Dream Team Looks to be the Redeem Team

will crowell be able to make UGA #1?

After last year there was no SEC coach that had a hotter seat than Mark Richt in Georgia. After a disappointing bowl loss last season, to most people the Bulldogs had a season to forget, but behind the scenes and on the recruiting trail Mark Richt was building his dream team. On signing day Richt brought in a top 5 recruiting class according to Rivals. The class was made up of 19 of the top stars from the state of Georgia, including top RB Isaiah Crowell, DE Ray Drew, TE Jay Rome and DB Malcom Mitchell. According to Richt this was his dream team, but in my opinion it will become his Redeem Team.

The top class may not become as great as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, Carl Malone and Patrick Ewing, but this team will make a lot of noise in the SEC picture this year and will take Richt off the hot seat. The dogs will be returning a battle tested QB in Aaron Murray who will look to continue his progression as a top QB. Murray will miss AJ Green, but he will love the weapon they brought in with Crowell. He is a big bruiser back who can also out run the opposing defense in the open field. Luckily the UGA Nation will not have to wait long to see Crowell because he will be contributing immediately according to Richt. In the words of Richt, “I wouldn’t be shocked to see him run that rock in the Dome against Boise State on the opening play if he does what he is supposed to do.”

Can UGA's team mirror this Dream Team with Success

Expect to see this team upset several top team in the SEC this upcoming season and look for UGA to be in the top of the SEC east once again. After Georgia’s first losing season under Mark Richt, this team will do it’s best to redeem the prestigious program that was once putting out 10 win seasons as average seasons. Could Crowell become the next Hershell Walker? Could he be the Michael Jordan? Can he Redeem Mark Richt’s credibility? He may not be able to answer the questions right now, but look to see the Dream Team become the Redeem Team and get this program back on track.

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Cam Newton is an Alien

We should have now all come to realize that Cam Newton is an alien, because his talent, ability and results are showing that he is from out of this world. Today he had a scheduled work out in front of scouts in Sand Diego where he did nothing, but impress. He threw passes and did other drills where he worked to prove that he can become a successful NFL quarterback. Some scouts were extremely thrilled such as former NFL Qb and now analyst Trent Dilfer who could be seen all afternoon on ESPN talking about how impressive Newton was.

We can all look at his measurable’s: the height, the size, the speed, the arm strength and at first glance they do not add up to become a NFL starting Qb, but they instead add up to become a NFL Star QB. Cam Newton continues to progress as a QB and at this rate he could be a franchise QB and should be a top pick in the draft. He has proven his leadership and ability in the toughest of conferences and in the Championship. He went through trials and persecution with the “Scam Newton” issues. He has answered all of the people who doubted his ability with a bronze Heisman trophy. He is now in the beginning of answering all of those who question and doubt that he will succeed in the NFL.

The public can just sit back and watch what an alien can do in the NFL as Newton performs out of this world.

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Spring QB Battles

There are many open spots to fill within the SEC at the quarterback position, which is why we will focus on a few key competitions that should prove interesting (in no particular order).

LSU– has a very interesting competition that is already arising. Jordan Jefferson is once again returning (it seems like he’s been there forever), but his place as starter is not set in stone as Zach Mettenberger has transferred down to the Bayou to compete for that open spot.

Jordan Jefferson. PROS: knows the system and knows the team, he has built chemistry with those around him, which is not the easiest thing to do. He’s a mobile QB with a decent arm and picked up a lot of momentum to close out the 2010 season.  CONS: He has inconsistent throwing abilities that prove to be sporadic in stretches of the season. He still has to prove he is the leader of the team if he is going to get the uttermost respect from the coaches and players. Zach Mettenberger. PROS: He was highly touted by all teams when he was being recruited out of high school as well as JUCO. He has outrageous upside with a strong arm that is outrageously accurate. He was poised to be the starter at Georgia until his fall out with off the field issues.  CONS: He has to learn the system and players style down on the Bayou, which is a little different from his former offensive systems. Though he has tremendous upside he does have character issues that make you wonder if he can lead a team. Winner: Tie. I say Miles will start the season once again with a two QB system.

Auburn– has to replace one of the greatest college stars to play the game in Cam Newton. The tigers will look to Barret Trotter to step in and take over, but Under Armor All American, Khiel Frazier sports extreme upside and a lot of talent. It will be interesting to see what happens down on the plains. We do not know an extreme amount about either one of these QB’s. WE know that Trotter was a sollid backup for the Heisman Winner; he sports a strong arm and decent mobility in the pocket and on the run. Frazier proved in teh Under Armor game that he was well worth his high rankings of high school. Winner: Trotter.

Florida– With a new offensive system and a new head coach expect the Gator offense to look drastically different. Muschamp will be bringing in a Pro-style offense, which will be very beneficial to QB John Brantley. Brantley struggled in Meyer’s offense, but is poised to thrive in a traditional Pro-style offense where he can drop back, make his reads and throw. His competition is Trey Burton who is probably the most versatile players in Florida along with the whole SEC; Burton is not as big as Tebow, but plays with that same style. Another QB that will step into battle will be freshmen Jeff Driskel, who scouts say remind them of NFL QB Alex Smith (lets hope he fairs better than Smith did in San Fran). Winner: Brantley.

Alabama– After Greg McElroy has managed and distributed the ball to Bama victory, he is now graduated and trying to make it in the NFL. Now Bama must replace their outspoken leader, but not to worry because the Tide has a good crop of QB’s in waiting. In Saban Nation the job is thought to be AJ McCarron’s to lose, but Virginian Redshirt Freshmen Phillip Sims will pose a good competition and could possibly win the top spot. McCarron sports a missile launcher of an arm that is also very accurate; he has good height and size with several years of experience within the Tide’s offensive system. On the other hand Sims is just a few inches shorter and has been in the system one year less, but he also has a strong arm and is quite accurate; one element that Sims brings to the table unlike the last few Bama QB’s is that he has decent speed, can throw on the run and make plays happen with his feet. Winner: McCarron.

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