The Dream Team Looks to be the Redeem Team

will crowell be able to make UGA #1?

After last year there was no SEC coach that had a hotter seat than Mark Richt in Georgia. After a disappointing bowl loss last season, to most people the Bulldogs had a season to forget, but behind the scenes and on the recruiting trail Mark Richt was building his dream team. On signing day Richt brought in a top 5 recruiting class according to Rivals. The class was made up of 19 of the top stars from the state of Georgia, including top RB Isaiah Crowell, DE Ray Drew, TE Jay Rome and DB Malcom Mitchell. According to Richt this was his dream team, but in my opinion it will become his Redeem Team.

The top class may not become as great as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, Carl Malone and Patrick Ewing, but this team will make a lot of noise in the SEC picture this year and will take Richt off the hot seat. The dogs will be returning a battle tested QB in Aaron Murray who will look to continue his progression as a top QB. Murray will miss AJ Green, but he will love the weapon they brought in with Crowell. He is a big bruiser back who can also out run the opposing defense in the open field. Luckily the UGA Nation will not have to wait long to see Crowell because he will be contributing immediately according to Richt. In the words of Richt, “I wouldn’t be shocked to see him run that rock in the Dome against Boise State on the opening play if he does what he is supposed to do.”

Can UGA's team mirror this Dream Team with Success

Expect to see this team upset several top team in the SEC this upcoming season and look for UGA to be in the top of the SEC east once again. After Georgia’s first losing season under Mark Richt, this team will do it’s best to redeem the prestigious program that was once putting out 10 win seasons as average seasons. Could Crowell become the next Hershell Walker? Could he be the Michael Jordan? Can he Redeem Mark Richt’s credibility? He may not be able to answer the questions right now, but look to see the Dream Team become the Redeem Team and get this program back on track.


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4 Responses to The Dream Team Looks to be the Redeem Team

  1. theREALjonburks says:

    Crowell will definately be an impact even more with Wasean Ealey getting in the trouble he is. Richt will be SEC coach of the year. Calling it. Not sold on Murray though. But I don’t know If they have much depth

  2. yeah Ealey is going to be riding the bench this year. he has fumbilitis anyways. I think the depth problem will be seen down the stretch in the second half of the season where they play UF, AU, UK and Gtech.

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  4. ac davis says:

    Murray is poised for a breakout season this year. He will be all over espn!

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